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So, You're Considering Making a Fine Jewelry Purchase…

These days, one can buy jewelry almost anywhere - big box stores, national chain jewelry stores, online, etc. Although the pricing from these sources may seem attractive, there are other considerations beside dollar amount. Do you really know enough to judge the true quality of a diamond, a gemstone, or how well they are set? Are you knowledgeable about the latest gemstone treatments? The intricate details of condition and value may be impossible to determine to the untrained eye, and even a trained professional cannot usually ascertain quality from an online photograph.

Because we do sizing and repairs in our on-site workshop, we often see a piece purchased elsewhere and hear, “It was so pretty when I bought it. What happened?” We are then tasked with explaining why it broke and then repairing, resetting, rebuilding or replacing the piece. Hmm, maybe that 60% off was not such a “great buy” in the long run.

When considering a new piece of jewelry, your first choice should be where to make your purchase. There is nothing more important than true expertise and professional guidance. Your buying experience should be fun and enjoyable. Ask a lot of questions and make sure you are comfortable with the answers. A professional salesperson should be able to explain the intricacies of color, cut, origin and quality of a particular gemstone. Your jewelry professional may ask questions about your profession, hobbies and lifestyle, to help determine if a delicate stone, a certain metal type or a jewelry setting will be a good choice for you. He or she should assist and educate you throughout your decision making process so you find just the right piece.

Think ahead to your needs after your purchase? Will your jewelry professional be able to provide proper insurance documentation? Will they be able to clean and polish your piece, resize or repair it if necessary? Remember, even the finest jewelry requires proper maintenance, and should be checked regularly for “wear and tear” such as loose stones or worn prongs. Will your big box store or online vendor help you with these tasks down the line?

When considering a purchase of fine jewelry, you’ll want to choose quality over price, ask lots of questions, and be comfortable with the answer. Most of all, you want a piece of jewelry that you love and will enjoy and cherish for many years to come.

We hope that you will take a look at what we have to offer at Jim Saylor Jewelers BEFORE making a jewelry purchase elsewhere. We think you’ll be pleased with what you find! Aloha!


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